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Commander Yellow

When she heard that strong voice from the valley calling on her to be responsible, Commander Yellow decided to make it her mission to save the environment from all the waste the Garbage Monster is creating!

General Buzz

General Buzz

After fainting at the horrible sight of bricks and rusting appliances in an idyllic valley that should have been teeming with wildlife, General Buzz took it upon himself to protect the environment from the Garbage Monster!

Garbage Monster

Garbage Monster

Risen from the slimy and lifeless bottom of a water stream brimming with waste, the Garbage Monster needs to be destroyed so we can all enjoy the environment. It feeds on waste and needs it to survive. So, we can only win if we stop feeding him!

Welcome to

Have you ever wondered what happens to the things that we throw away each day? Where do they end up?

You might be the one in charge of taking the rubbish bag outside your door…but what happens to it after it is collected by the garbage truck?

It comes to us!

As WasteServ, we receive all that waste at our facilities. We process it, treat it and turn it into resources.

To help us in our mission, we have engaged the help of Commander Yellow and General Buzz. With fierce determination and focus, our superheroes are committed to fight the Garbage Monster.

Read their stories to find out how!


Many of us have already heard about the reduce, reuse, and recycle but do you know why it is important to manage our waste properly?


“Do I need this item?” Ask this question before you pick up that item from the shelf. Check if you NEED that item before you buy it. If you follow this advice, in the long run, you will be reducing waste.


Can your old toys, clothes and books be used by your siblings? Your friends or cousins? Or try donating them to a charity shop. If an item is broken, check if it can be repaired first before you run to buy a new one.

And why don’t you try and repurpose items instead of throwing them away? Old water bottles can be turned into a fun “I Spy” game, puppets can be made out of toilet paper rolls, and old containers can make the most beautiful flower pots. So, unleash your creativity!


Now, if you really must throw something away, then make sure you dispose of it in the right bin. Make sure you know what goes in each bin.

Kids In Action

Every year, WasteServ organises the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR). During this week, we encourage everyone to carry out activities that promote better waste management. It makes us really happy when children – just like you – get involved too and do their part to protect the environment. Here are some actions done in the past years that we hope will inspire you to come up with your own action!

EWWR 2019 – St Paul’s Missionary College

EWWR 2020 - St Theresa College, Imrieħel Secondary School


For Parents

WasteServ Malta Ltd is the national agency that manages waste for Malta. We receive waste, treat it and export it where possible. We are also very committed at promoting waste reduction, separation, and recycling. Our aim with ECOHIVE KIDS is to teach kids the importance of waste management, and the impact it has on the environment. Through the journey of our three characters General Buzz, Commander Yellow and the Garbage Monster, children will be encouraged to work with us towards a common goal, that of reducing, reusing and recycling waste. Join us in the adventure, help us create a better environment for all to enjoy.