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Għallis and Ta’ Żwejra landfills are another two engineered landfills situated within the ECOHIVE Complex.  Ta’ Żwejra landfill was Malta’s first engineered landfill developed for the disposal of Municipal Solid Waste in a safe and sustainable way. It was mainly used between 2004 and 2006 and is now no longer in use. Għallis landfill, on the other hand, is WasteServ’s long-term engineered landfill facility and is still in use today.  

Engineered landfills are lined with different layers, including geo-synthetic and geo-textile membranes that prevent the leachate from infiltrating into the ground. Therefore, protecting the soil and ground water from pollution originating in the landfill. They also include gas extraction systems that allow for the collection, extraction and processing of gases, such as methane, to produce energy and reduce emissions. Engineered landfills marked a turning point in Malta’s waste treatment when they were first introduced as they resulted in improved practices for the betterment of the environment.  

A gas plant is used to treat harmful gases captured from the engineered landfills and from the old landfill. Gases from the old landfill are treated in a Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser while gases from the engineered landfills are treated either via high temperature flares or via landfill gas powered generator technology. In all cases, emissions are monitored to ensure that they remain within acceptable and safe levels. 

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Last updated on 16/09/2020

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