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Project Overview

ECOHIVE is the largest ever investment in the waste management sector that will drive Malta towards a circular economy. 

Similar to the dual role of bees both as pollinators for flowers, fruits and vegetables, and as honey producers, this project will process waste in the most sustainable and resource-efficient way possible while also turning it into precious resources – energy and agricultural compost. Hence, the name ECOHIVE. “ECO” ties to the environment and sustainability, while “HIVE” reminds us of a beehive, constantly active and buzzing with energy. Four new waste management plants will form part of the ECOHIVE project.


EcoHive Energy
EcoHive Recycling
EcoHive Organic
EcoHive Hygienics

EcoHive Recycling

The Waste-to-Energy Facility is meant to process waste that cannot be easily recycled. 

Based on the moving grate technology, this facility will be treating 40% of non-recyclable waste generated in Malta diverting it away from landfill disposal. 

Energy in the form of electricity and heat will also be generated in the process. Indeed, enough electricity for all Gozo and Mellieħa will be produced. This in addition to the electrical output expected from the new organic processing plant that will also produce compost for agricultural uses. 

With a capacity of 192,000 tonnes annually, this €185 million investment is expected to be commissioned in December 2023.      

EcoHive Recycling

The new Material Recovery Facility will be receiving and processing co-mingled recyclables.

With an investment of €20 million, the Material Recovery Facility is expected to have an annual capacity of 70,000 tonnes. The new Material Recovery Facility will be receiving and processing co-mingled recyclables – namely paper, plastic and metal – through an automated sorting process. Waste will undergo a series of procedures that refine the material stream, extracting specific materials that can be recycled leading to higher quality materials for recycling.

This plant is expected to be commissioned in 2024. 
EcoHive Recycling

The Organic Processing Plant will be converting organic waste into BIO GAS and agricultural compost.

Using the heat generated by the Waste-to-Energy Facility for pasteurization, the Organic Processing Plant will convert waste into biogas and agricultural compost. This facility is expected to process around 120,000 tonnes of organic waste on an annual basis.

Around €118 million will be invested to reduce the volume of biodegradable waste going to the landfill and ensure that we are making maximum use of our waste by turning it into a resource. 

EcoHive Recycling

A new Thermal Treatment Facility replacing the one in Marsa.

The new facility will also form part of the ECOHIVE project. This facility will process hazardous waste such as clinical and pharmaceutical waste using environmentally sound technology. Energy in the form of heat will also be generated in the process. 

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