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What is a Reuse Centre? 

These Centres offer used and ‘pre-loved’ items that still hold value and can be reused. These are also places where one can pick up an amazing bargain!  

You can also donate unwanted items that are still in good condition in special containers that have been placed at every Civic Amenity Site. 

By donating or picking items for reuse, you:           

  • stop them from going to the landfill
  • save the energy needed to recycle them
  • reduce the natural resources and energy used to create new products
  • contribute to a circular economy    

Proceedings will be invested to carry out more environmental projects and initiatives.

What can I get or donate?   

Whether it's loose furniture, toys, musical instruments, ceramics, textiles, pet cages or mirrors, our Reuse Centres are packed full of unwanted treasures waiting for a new home.    

Where are the Reuse Centres located? 

Our Reuse Centres are located within the Civic Amenity Sites of Luqa, Ħal Far, Mrieħel and Tal-Kus in Xewkija (Gozo).    

Access to the Reuse Centres is possible on foot. For this reason, passageways having a separate entrance from that of the Civic Amenity Site have been created to make the Centres safe, and accessible to prams, strollers and people with mobility issues, including wheelchairs.

What are the opening hours? 

These centres are open from Monday to Sunday, including Public Holidays, between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m (excluding Christmas Day and New Year’s Day).

What payment methods are accepted? 

You can pay by cash or card payments. 

Other things to note

  • Only the items displayed in our Reuse Centres can be acquired. Please do not remove items from any of the skips or containers at our Civic Amenity Sites.
  • Some items may need repair, so check them before you get them.
  • All acquisitions are final, no returns, refunds or exchanges are possible.
  • Items cannot be booked or reserved.
  • We will not be liable or responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential accidents and health hazard incidents which may arise from the utilisation of items taken from any Reuse Centre. 

Last updated on 11/07/2023

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